John Fury Challenges Carl Froch On Match At Wembley: Spectacle Before Tyson vs Usyk

Following various claims regarding the controversial postponement of Tyson Fury vs Oleksander Usyk, John Fury, father of heavyweight champion Tyson, challenges Carl Froch to a showdown at Wembley Stadium

by Sededin Dedovic
John Fury Challenges Carl Froch On Match At Wembley: Spectacle Before Tyson vs Usyk
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In the world of boxing, where words can have as much effect as a well-timed punch, John Fury, father of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, has thrown down the gauntlet to Carl Froch, proposing a blockbuster match at England's iconic national stadium, Wembley.

The bid, which will attract a crowd of 90,000 fervent fans, comes amid a verbal sparring between the two fighters that has intensified over the past month. Fury recently criticized Froch, accusing him of questioning his son's resume and labeling him with various derogatory terms.

Froch, with a corresponding reply, rejected any such action. However, 59-year-old Fury has now made an official bid to settle the score in the ring. In a direct message to Froch, Fury stated: "I have a proposition for you, Carl 'The Snake' Froch.

You've had a lot to say, my friend, on your podcast channel. John Fury is speaking to you once again, we're bringing big numbers to the table . Listen, your mate George Groves said something very interesting. You and me, Wembley Stadium, 90,000 people.

I agree with that, my friend. You had a lot to say and I stand by every word I said. You don't like me . Let's see what you can do about it. Haters vs 'Top Dad' – that's what we'll call it. But it has to make business sense. Let your people reach for mine...

I'll fight you at Wembley Stadium this year. " While Froch is expected to respond, the likelihood of such a fight materializing remains slim. Meanwhile, Tyson Fury, son of John, was forced to pull out of his title fight with Oleksandr Usyk and postpone it until May due to a cut during sparring.

Former world champion Carl Froch doubts Tyson Fury's readiness for the postponed fight with Olexander Usyk. Fury was scheduled to face Usyka in a highly anticipated fight on February 17 in Saudi Arabia. Last week, the fight was officially postponed after Fury suffered a cut in training camp.

Soon, a new date of May 18 was announced, but not everyone is convinced that the "Gypsy King" will have enough time to properly prepare for the competition. Many believe that this date will also be postponed and that Tyson is aware that he is not in shape and that he needs time to prepare for such an important match.

"The announced date is really convenient. Everyone's upset and angry and depressed that this title fight isn't happening. So what are they going to do? They're coming out with a May 18 date. Take it with a grain of salt. They're giving us something to think about.

They're giving us a what will we talk about and keep the dream alive and intrigue all the fans. It's nice that they have a date but, to be honest, I'm not excited. The date has just been chosen, don't believe that everything will just fall into place," Froch explained to talkSPORT .

Anthony Joshua celebrates with Carl Froch after victory over Wladimir Klitschko at the Wembley© Dan Mullan / Getty Images

Froch has been vocal in his belief that Fury has been on a downward trajectory in recent years.

Back in October, Fury fought Francis Ngannou. Then, as an MMA fighter, Ngannou surprised the entire boxing world and offered fierce resistance to the champion. Ngannou was able to knock Fury down in the third round, but the Brit was able to come back and eventually win by split decision, although public opinion seemed divided on the result, with a significant portion insisting that Ngannou deserved to win.

After that match, Tyson Fury's decline in form and physical fitness is being mentioned more and more. "He's on the decline, he's done his best. I've been watching his fights since we talked about the Deontay Wilder fight, throwing 20-30 feints every round, combinations, a lot of movement.

Now he's slowing down, throwing less feints, he's been in knocked down four times in the last 70 rounds. When you look at the stats and the facts, they don't lie, and I think he's on the decline," Froch concluded. Despite Fury's poor performance against Francis Ngannou, Frank Warren, the Queensberry boss and boxing promoter, insists it has not diminished his confidence in him.

Fury should face Oleksandar Usyk on May 18 in Riyadh, Warren believes, and that the fans deserve to see the match finally. In the interview, Warren admitted Fury had a "bad night" against Ngannou, but refused to comment further and insisted the "Gypsy King" still lives in the heavyweight "pantheon".

"I really believe in him. I think he's the best heavyweight. I know obviously people feel there are some question marks after the last fight against Ngannou. I'm not going to bet against him. If I thought he was going to lose to Usyk, I'd try to talk him out of the fight ", he told Seconds Out.

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