Tyson Fury Details Injury Cause and Responds to Oleksandr Usyk's Manager Call Out

"I arranged to spar 12 rounds with four different guys [on Friday]."- Fury said.

by Sead Dedovic
Tyson Fury Details Injury Cause and Responds to Oleksandr Usyk's Manager Call Out
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The cancellation of the highly anticipated unification match between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury on Friday became a significant development. The WBC world champion opted to pull out from the scheduled February 17 bout in Riyadh due to a cut above his right eye sustained during sparring. Shortly after the fight cancellation news emerged, Queensberry Promotions issued a statement featuring Fury's address to the boxing public.

Tyson Fury is expressing deep disappointment due to an eye injury that forced the postponement of the fight. He apologizes to all those involved in the event, including both teams, other fighters, partners, fans, event hosts, and associates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Tyson Fury is committed to recovering from the injury.

May 18 will be the date when these two great fighters will meet in the ring. Many are questioning whether Fury experienced an injury or if this is all part of his plan. Gypsy King does not want to go too far into the analysis of individuals. In an interview with the media, Fury explained how everything happened.

"I arranged to spar 12 rounds with four different guys [on Friday]. In round five I got an elbow in the eye, a split eye, and obviously I've been to the hospital and had 11 stitches. They have the medical reports, they have everything … Nothing much anybody can do about getting a cut in sparring, sh!t happens. I've never had one before, first time for everything."-Tyson Fury said, as quoted by boxingscene.com

The manager of unified heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk, Egis Klimas, questions the sincerity of Tyson Fury. Klimas believes that Fury intentionally did everything, intending to move the fight. Of course, Fury immediately sent a reply to Usyk's manager. Tyson is angry, especially because Klimas called him a coward.

"Why would I not want to fight for the biggest payday of my life? I put 10 weeks into a training camp. Why? Why would I not want to fight?” said Fury. “You're a rat *. You've never had a fight in your life and you're calling me a coward, you * … Egis, never call me a coward again."

Tyson Fury highlighted that facing challenges is a normal part of his career, having experienced many fights. Despite his success, some people question if he intentionally caused the delay. From his statements and apparent frustration, it seems Tyson didn't have such intentions. We won't discuss speculations. Right now, the most important thing is that the match will still happen, just a few months later than planned.

"I've had 35 professional fights. I've been boxing for 18 years of my life. I've climbed off the canvas from the biggest punchers in history to win. Never a coward, never backed down from any man in my life ... you're all going to be finito. You're all going to be working for me as dossers, you *.” 

Tyson Fury's body transformation 

Tyson Fury shared his body transformation on social media. Fury looks impressive, and it is evident that he was getting ready for what could be the most important match of his career.

He knew how serious a challenge it was and what effort it required. Tyson pointed out that he has been getting ready for a long time and putting in extra effort in his training, more than he ever has before.

Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk
Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk © Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

His confidence could be noticed again, given that Fury expected the match to take place in February and to knock out Usyk. However, Tyson accepts things as they are. He is a person who believes that everything has a reason. Now he must be patient.

"I'm in fantastic shape. I've been training really hard on a great diet and was ready to rock and roll,” said Fury. "Obviously I was very disappointed. I've been in training camp for a long time. I've been away from my family in Saudi Arabia for five weeks already, training … It's not a blessing in disguise. I take God's will as it comes. I was in fantastic shape, ready to fight. I was 100% confident I was going to knock Usyk out. There was no doubt in my mind. I was 100% ready.”

According to many, this will be one of the biggest boxing matches in the history of this sport. Two great boxers meet in the ring, and their records are impressive. 

It is difficult at this moment to give a forecast as to who will emerge as the final winner. According to many, Usyk has a slight lead, due to Fury's poor performance against Ngannou. However, is that match a true indicator of Fury's strength? Considering all the successes in his career, it is not realistic to underestimate such a fighter.

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