Conor Benn ready to fight Peter Dobson: “You will see progress”

Conor Benn looks forward to showcasing his skills against Peter Dobson.

by Aryan Lakhani
Conor Benn ready to fight Peter Dobson: “You will see progress”
© Alex Livesey / Getty Images

In less than 24 hours, Conor Benn will make his first appearance of the year against the undefeated Peter Dobson. Both fighters are undefeated, which means somebody’s ‘0’ will permanently go. Conor Benn has been through a rough phase; he got suspended, criticized and heavily trolled.

However, the adversities have only made him stronger as a person and as a fighter. Conor Benn looks forward to being active this year and wants everyone to know that he’s one of the most dangerous fighters at 147 pounds.

Conor Benn on overcoming adversities

“I’m 27 going on 40,” Benn said, as quoted by “I feel the last 18 months has aged me 10 years. I’ve changed a lot. Things that used to worry me don’t worry me anymore.

It’s true when they say that when you go through adversity, it gives you nothing but resilience and strength. You will see progress. Even with what’s gone on, you’ll see what I’ve learned and that I’ve been in the gym and stayed disciplined, where many would have fallen off.

It’s hard to stay motivated when you are being taken off course, but I have stayed disciplined, and you will see that on Saturday”.

Conor Benn on his future plans

“Any Welterweight is not a concern for me, any top American fighter, anyone, no problem, I don’t get involved in negotiations; I leave that to my team.

This whole period, my team has just allowed me to stay disciplined and work in the gym. I just stay dedicated to what I do. The money isn’t the motivating factor for me, winning is. I love winning, that’s what is important.

… I will stay the course and remind everyone why I am one of the most dangerous fighters at 147 pounds”.