Jamie Munguia open to fighting Canelo next: “It will be an honor”

Jamie Munguia satisfied with his performance against John Ryder, ready to fight Canelo next.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jamie Munguia open to fighting Canelo next: “It will be an honor”
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Jamie Munguia claimed a fabulous knockout win against John Ryder and updated his professional boxing record to 43-0 (34 knockouts). It was an excellent display of striking, which involved quality boxing from Jamie Munguia’s end.

Ryder seemed to be a little unprepared and got pressured by Munguia’s game plan. John Ryder received a lot of appreciation after facing Canelo because there were moments when he could quit, but he didn’t; instead, he displayed an exceptional level of grit and continued fighting.

However, Jamie Munguia caused the opposite due to which fans got to see a different version of John Ryder. Munguia remains undefeated; he was pleased with his recent performance and now looks forward to levelling up by challenging himself against tougher opponents at 168.

As of now, Jamie Munguia has nothing planned, but he is open to fighting Canelo Alvarez in the near future.

Jamie Munguia on his performance

During the post-fight interview, Jamie Munguia reflected on his performance and explained why he was happy with it.

“I’m very happy,” Munguia said, as quoted by boxingjunkie.usatoday.com. “I got ready for this. I worked really, really hard for this. I know a lot of people didn’t believe in me. This is the result of hard work.

We’re ready for 168. The last time I was throwing punches like crazy. This time my timing was better, my timing was perfect. Ryder was a great fighter. We’re ready to keep on going”.

Jamie Munguia on fighting Canelo

“We don’t know yet, nothing is on the table yet.

We want the best of the best at 168. We’re going to be world champion. It’ll be a great fight among Mexicans, and if Canelo gives us the chance, it will be an honor to be in the ring with him”.