Zhilei Zhang's trainer doesn't want his fighter to repeat the same mistake as Wilder

“We’re not underestimating Parker,” George said.

by Sead Dedovic
Zhilei Zhang's trainer doesn't want his fighter to repeat the same mistake as Wilder
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Zhilei Zhang's trainer is a person who understands that every match implies a certain amount of effort and seriousness, including Zhang's match against Joseph Parker. The fact that Deontay Wilder entered the match against Parker completely frivolously cost him the victory. Shaun George emphasizes that his fighter will not make the same mistake. Everyone understood that Parker is a boxer to be feared and that he possesses top qualities.

We’re not underestimating Parker,” George told BoxingScene.com. “Everybody just assumed immediately that Parker was shot, that he was gone and that he was done. Wilder looked like he didn’t wanna be there. We’re focused. Zhilei wants to be there. He wants to be active and he just comes to fight. We’re coming to fight, coming to box and coming to win. And we wanna keep winning.”

Shaun George on Wilder's performance

Shaun George, a retired light heavyweight, suggests there might be various reasons affecting Deontay Wilder's performance, speculating that Wilder might already have one foot out the door.  Right now, he received an important lesson that you should not underestimate any opponent, considering that punishment may follow.

George notes the perceived happiness during fight week, indicating potential distractions. Alternatively, Wilder might have underestimated Joseph Parker, thinking he could simply show up and secure an easy victory. Parker is an experienced fighter with many big fights behind him. Although Wilder was the favorite, you should never underestimate such a fighter.

However, George points out Parker's strong determination, emphasizing that Parker came with a great plan alongside his coach, Andy Lee.  Even Wilder had words of praise for the tactics of Parker and his coach.

The key takeaway is the warning against underestimating competitors, especially those with a strong will to win. George underscores that Joseph Parker and Andy Lee are true competitors, demonstrating the importance of respecting opponents who approach fights with a great strategy

We have no doubt that George will prepare his boxer in a great way and try to win.. 

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