Fedor Emelianenko ready to make history in face-off against boxing icon Mike Tyson


Fedor Emelianenko ready to make history in face-off against boxing icon Mike Tyson
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Fedor Emelianenko, the legend of MMA, is ready to enter the ring and face the legendary Mike Tyson. Although he had such proposals before, this time Emelianenko is ready to engage in such a challenge and make a spectacle. The plan is for the fight to take place in Saudi Arabia.

Judging by the media reports, there are several obstacles to holding their match, but the biggest obstacle is money. However, the Saudis are ready to invest a lot of money in this match, and thus give the spectators what they want!

The legendary Tyson fought 4 years ago when he found himself in the ring with Roy Jones Jr.

As for Fedor, his last MMA match was at the beginning of February last year, when he lost to Ryan Bader at the Bellator 290 event by TKO in the first round.

Although many hoped to see Fedor in the UFC, that was never an option for him. In the interview he gave, Fedor emphasized that he already had the opportunity to fight many UFC fighters and achieve victory.

"I look at it from a different perspective. If it was meant to happen, it happened. It wasn't and it didn't happen. I fought many UFC champions and I beat them all. So I don't mind that I was never there"- he said.

Fedor talks about the fight

Fedor confirmed that the fight will be according to boxing rules. The finances must be satisfactory for all parties. If the monetary offer is not satisfactory, it is unlikely that this match will happen.

"Negotiations have been conducted and are ongoing. It is planned that the fight will take place in Saudi Arabia. Several rounds of negotiations were held in which my representatives and representatives of Tyson participated.

The fight will follow boxing rules. I don’t think it will go for 12 rounds, but the regulations are still being discussed. There is mutual agreement, but financing needs to be secured. Currently, everything hinges on funding, but I believe it will be sorted out soon. I hope everything works out.”- he said, as quoted by thesportsrush!

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