Jake Paul reveals if he’s fighting Neeraj Goyat next

Jake Paul will announce his opponent on 30th January.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jake Paul reveals if he’s fighting Neeraj Goyat next
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Jake Paul has built his foundation in boxing and is now levelling up by testing himself against professional boxers. Paul has been criticized for facing MMA fighters for the majority of his journey, but the doubt and negative comments are slowly transforming into support and appreciation.

Jake Paul will make his first appearance of the year on 2nd March, but his opponent remains undisclosed. Indian fans are hoping to see Neeraj Goyat vs Jake Paul after Goyat publicly called him out. But to their disappointment, that fight won’t take place on 2nd March – Jake Paul recently confirmed, but it is a strong possibility for the future.

The fan base in India can quadruple the success of the boxing industry and make the sport significantly more popular than it already is.

Jake Paul on fighting Neeraj Goyat

“Neeraj has made some noise. His callout video got 25M views.

He’s India’s biggest and best boxer. So, it is interesting to me,” Paul said as quoted by dexerto.com. “It could be fun to go over to India, and knock him out in his home country. Maybe one day, but we’ll see”.

Jake Paul will announce his opponent by the end of January; it is most likely going to be a professional boxer. Interestingly, Paul mentioned that this fighter is going to be much better than Andre August. Paul has a professional boxing record of 8-1, and it will be fascinating to see how greatly those numbers will change by the end of this year.

This is the first time in many years Jake Paul will feature in a co-main event. The main event is going to be a clash between Amanda Serrano and Nina Meinke. Jake Paul seems to be serious about building his boxing career. Each win will pull him closer towards achieving his goal of becoming a world champion or even fighting Canelo.

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