Jose Benavidez Sr infuriated with Canelo for not accepting David Benavidez fight


Jose Benavidez Sr infuriated with Canelo for not accepting David Benavidez fight
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David Benavidez has passed every test in his boxing career, yet it couldn't smoothly secure him a match with Canelo. The talks to arrange this fight have been going on for a long time, but there was never a strong response from Canelo & his team.

Benavidez's father, Jose Benavidez Sr, seems to have lost hope to see the Canelo fight materialize because he is seeing Canelo calling out other opponents and constantly making excuses when someone even brings up David Benavidez's name.

Jose Benavidez Sr on Canelo vs David Benavidez

In a recent interview with Fight Hub Tv, Jose Benavidez Sr explained why he thinks Canelo won't fight his son David Benavidez. "I don't think it'll happen. Canelo doesn't want anything to do with David [Benavidez]," Benavidez Sr said as quoted by

"He comes with the excuses all the time. He wants to fight Munguia. He wants to fight [Jermall] Charlo. He says David has fought nobody. Those are just excuses because he doesn't want to fight him. He and his team will do anything to stay away from David.

Now, you've seen. He said he's the King, and he'll do whatever he wants. He'll do whatever he wants to with the commission. I'm just praying that the commission will be fair to everybody. David is the mandatory [with the WBC].

Jose Benavidez Sr on consequences Canelo will have to face for not accepting the fight

"They're supposed to strip him in March if he doesn't get the fight with David.

There's nothing I can do. Of course, he talks a lot of stuff about David [Benavidez]. That he's not good and hasn't done anything in life. That's the fight that everybody wants to see, If you look at what Munguia has been doing, his past four fights he's been looking really bad.

He's always hurt, and he finds a way to win the fights. He's won some fights that he wasn't supposed to win. They've given it to him. He wants to fight Charlo. Those are the fighters he's looking for".