Francis Ngannou believes that Tyson Fury owes him a rematch

Francis Ngannou ready to fight Tyson Fury even if he loses against Oleksandr Usyk.

by Aryan Lakhani
Francis Ngannou believes that Tyson Fury owes him a rematch
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Francis Ngannou seems to be hungry for vengeance as he demands to face the heavyweight champion Tyson Fury for a rematch. Ngannou vs Fury was declared a split decision in favour of Fury. The majority of the people, including boxing experts, thought that Francis Ngannou evidently won the match against Tyson Fury.

However, Francis Ngannou was aware of going through such a situation; he knew that if the decision went to the judges, there would be no way for him to secure a win. Ngannou regrets not being able to finish Tyson Fury before the end of all rounds.

After reflecting on what went wrong in his boxing debut against Fury, he now seems to be prepared for his 2nd boxing appearance, which will be against Anthony Joshua on 8th March.

Francis Ngannou on Tyson Fury rematch

In a recent interview with TMZ, Francis Ngannou explained how he wants the rematch with Tyson Fury.

“I’m not looking for the winner of Tyson Fury [and Usyk],” Ngannou said, as quoted by “I’m looking for Tyson. Tyson owes me a fight. I don’t give a * about the winner of Usyk and Tyson.

I’m coming after Tyson. Win or lose, I want Tyson. He’s seen me box already, so he knows a little bit what is coming, … Unlike Tyson Fury, that was out of the blue, didn’t know what to expect. Joshua kind of knows what to expect.

I think this time I need to put it up even more to get the job done”.

Ngannou on betting odds for his match against Anthony Joshua

“I’m going in against a former champion, against a guy that’s been in the game for so long, winning, and all this stuff,” Ngannou said.

I think he’s 30-something, and I’m 0-1. Come on, man. How do you make me a favorite?”.

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