Artur Beterbiev secured a vicious knockout win against Callum Smith, wants Bivol next

Artur Beterbiev wants to fight Dmitry Bivol next.

by Aryan Lakhani
Artur Beterbiev secured a vicious knockout win against Callum Smith, wants Bivol next
© Mathieu Belanger/Getty Images

Artur Beterviev successfully proved that the impossible is possible; he displayed high-quality boxing coupled with a pinch of explosiveness that Callum Smith couldn’t tackle. It was in the 7th round where Callum Smith was forced to stop as Beterbiev’s brutal punch snatched away his stability.

The much-awaited clash between Callum Smith and Artur Beterbiev was a treat for all boxing enthusiasts. Fans found the fight very engaging; each significant shot electrified the entire arena with cheer. Artur Beterbiev has done it again!

He is currently on an other-worldly winning streak; after the recent win, he has updated his professional boxing record to 20-0, and it is worth knowing that he has knocked out all those opponents! He is one of the rare fighters to have a 100% knockout rate.

The whole world knows what’s next for Artur Beterbiev; he will most probably face Dmitry Bivol. That match could turn out to be one of the toughest tests of his career.

Artur Beterviev’s post-fight interview

In the post-fight interview, Artur Beterbiev shared his thoughts on claiming one of the biggest wins of his career.

“It’s because of luck,” Beterbiev said, as quoted by “It’s my coach (Marc Ramsay). My team works hard with me, too. Maybe that’s why, too. But I think it’s because of luck.

We had a couple strategies. We always have more than one. We need to be prepared for several strategies. He gave me a good fight. He stayed strong. Thanks to him. Today, luck is on my side”.

Artur Beterbiev on fighting Dmitry Bivol

“Yes, of course [I want the Bivol fight], I need another belt.

It would mean a lot to me”. Callum Smith can learn a lot from this fight; his fans will be waiting to see how well he makes a comeback from here.