Wilder's Redemption: Could a Battle with Zhang Propel Him Back to the Top?

Wilder didn't make a name for himself in the last match against Joseph Parker, but one big win can bring him a lot, maybe not an attack on the world title, but a good match against a big heavyweight name

by Sededin Dedovic
Wilder's Redemption: Could a Battle with Zhang Propel Him Back to the Top?
© Richard Pelham / Getty Images

In recent days, the boxing world has been abuzz with intense rumors surrounding a potential clash between former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and Chinese heavyweight Zhilei Zhang. Although nothing has been officially confirmed, speculation suggests that this much-anticipated bout could take place alongside the much-anticipated showdown between Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou.

Despite the absence of official announcements, Wilder's team is expressing great interest in the prospect of this showdown. Shelly Finkel, Wilder's manager, believes a landmark victory for Wilder could catapult him back to the top of the heavyweight division.

"We would like that. If the right opportunity arises, we will be happy to consider it. We would certainly like to meet on that 'card' If that opportunity arises, Deontay will be ready. It's impossible to say in advance, but I think Joshua beats Ngannou, and then hopefully we'll see the old Deontay come back and beat Joshua,'' Finkel told The Sun.

Finkel envisions a scenario where Wilder and Zhang steal the spotlight from Joshua and Ngannou. "If they offer us Zhang, it would be a huge fight. If that fight is on the same card as Joshua and Ngannou, I think Deontay and Zhang would overshadow that fight.

That would be a phenomenal show. I think they do a phenomenal job when they put all these heavyweights on the same show,'' he added. Wilder's last outing against Joseph Parker didn't elevate his status as a heavyweight, but Finkel remains hopeful that one meaningful win could reshape the narrative.

While a world title shot may not be immediately on the horizon, a compelling matchup against a prominent heavyweight name such as Zhang could certainly be a compelling option for Wilder's comeback journey. Wilder fans are eagerly awaiting the official confirmation, hoping to witness a spectacular night of heavyweight boxing featuring Wilder, Zhang, Joshua and Ngannou. With a win, their pet would surely be a big favorite for the match against Anto Joshua.

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