Anthony Joshua on Furry: "It took him eight years to build his experience"

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Anthony Joshua on Furry: "It took him eight years to build his experience"

Anthony Joshua, a two-time unified heavyweight champion was a bit arrogant when he talked about Furry for sky sports "With hard work, motivation, and studying you can overcome that." - as quoted by skysports "So what do people see in Fury that is so fearsome, intimidating, that he can't be touched at the top level?" It took Furry time to reach the top and become a recognizable fighter.

Many negative things awaited him along the way, but he still managed to reach his potential. "I take him as a serious challenger, of course. But resume? It's taken him a long time to grow." "His fight with Wladimir Klitschko was his first real challenge and he overcame it, but it took him eight years to build his experience and confidence."

"Then he had two years out and fought Deontay Wilder."

Joshua believes that if Furry wants to be the best he must constantly prove himself in order to be considered one of the greatest.

"He hasn't been in the deep end for long enough to show me that he can swim there for a long time.

You have to continually prove that you belong there. You don't just come there once or twice. "For me as a fighter, that's how you gain my respect." If the sport is lacking so much talent then all you need is feints and movement to be classed as a great of this generation....."

When he was on vacation in Marbella he experienced an interesting situation with Tyson Furry fans, which he managed to calm down. "It's funny because I was at a pool party, chilling with a couple of my boys, some of my mates live out there.

"Fury fans were there. There was a healthy, sporting divide - Fury and AJ. They were shouting 'Tyson Fury' as I walked off. I gave them a gesture to let them know that I'm still here, I'm one of the lads as well!

"On my way back they tried to do it again so I confronted them." "I said: 'I'm here for the banter but let's not make it a disrespectful thing. We're all just here for a good time'"

"That calmed that situation down." "Next minute, I bumped into Fury!" "It's only right me and him will bump heads soon. We'll put on a great show for the British public and the world. It's going to be a massive fight."