Carl Froch Sounds the Alarm: A Boxing Legend's Take on Ngannou Vs. Joshua

Carl Froch, former world champion and retired English boxer, pointed out on his YouTube channel that boxing is being destroyed by arranging matches just for profit

by Sededin Dedovic
Carl Froch Sounds the Alarm: A Boxing Legend's Take on Ngannou Vs. Joshua
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When the announcement of a boxing match between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou appeared, skeptics labeled it a "pointless" fight. On the one hand, there was the undefeated WBC world champion, Tyson Fury, and on the other, an MMA fighter who debuted in professional boxing.

However, the match developed into a surprising spectacle, and Ngannou proved that he was not just a "casual observer" in the ring. Ngannou's outstanding performance against Fury opened a new chapter in the world of boxing.

Now the MMA powerhouse will face Anthony Joshua in March, raising familiar questions about the significance of the matchup. Despite Ngannou's evident skill, he enters the ring as a clear underdog, without a world ranking or a title.

On the other hand, Joshua, an established heavyweight, stands at the pinnacle of the sport, eyeing another world championship. The fight between Ngannou and Joshua makes one think about the state of boxing as a sport and not marketing.

While Joshua may gain financially, the sporting significance of defeating Ngannou seems questionable. Boxers like Filip Hrgovic, who hold the first place in the IBF rankings, do not get the chance to fight against the strongest opponents.

The Chinese mountaineer Zhilei Zhang is also at the top of the world of boxing and has asked for a match against Joshua several times, but he never got it.

Carl Froch outraged by this fight

Former world champion Carl Froch criticized such matches, pointing out that the world of boxing suffers when the fights have no sporting value.

Ngannou, with just two pro appearances, faces heavyweight giants Fury and Joshua, while more experienced boxers like Hrgovic and Zhang struggle to secure fights against big names. "The match against Hrgovic is a big match and they would potentially fight for the IBF title.

The fight against Zhilei Zhang is also the fight I want to watch Anthony Joshua. We are moving further and further away from such matches if Joshua agrees to a match against Ngannou. That matchup will be somewhat acceptable just because of Ngannou's performance against Fury.

But let's be honest, this is pure money grabbing in Saudi Arabia and I don't think these are good things for heavyweight boxing,'' Froch said on his Youtube channel.

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