Hrgovic Left in the Shadows: Fans Disappointed at Joshua-Ngannou Bombshell

Just when many were getting ready for bed, the bombastic news that Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou will cross gloves in Riyadh echoed around the world

by Sededin Dedovic
Hrgovic Left in the Shadows: Fans Disappointed at Joshua-Ngannou Bombshell
© Richard Pelham / Getty Images

The boxing community woke up to the announcement that Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou will face each other in Riyadh. The news sent shockwaves around the world, captivating both boxing and martial arts fans. Speculation suggests the clash is set for March 9, adding fuel to the already intense anticipation.

However, as the buzz surrounding Joshua and Ngannou grows, there is growing criticism from fans who believe that the focus on money rather than the substance of the sport has clouded the decision-making process. Many argue that this match diverts attention from the fights that could really determine the future of boxing, such as the bouts against Zhang or Hrgovic.

Hrgovic is important as a traffic light in GTA

The implications of this match extend beyond the main event, as it puts Filip Hrgovic back in the spotlight for a potentially significant match. Although there is a possibility that Hrgovic could face Joshua later in the year, the disappointment at the moment is palpable among die-hard boxing fans, as they expected a more decisive and substantial match sooner.

Social media is abuzz with reactions, with comments ranging from disappointment to utter disbelief. Some are expressing frustration at the apparent sidelining of Hrgovic, suggesting boxing's priorities are skewed. Comments like "It's better to be born a dog than to be Hrgović in boxing!", "I'm only interested in what Hrgović hid from God", "Circus!", "Ngannou entered the top 10 with his defeat by Fury.

He could, after his defeat by Joshua, in top 5. By the end of the year, if he collects one more loss, he could have a fight for the belt!", "Hrgović is as important to them as the scoreboard in GTA!", "Boxing has become the stupidest sport" emphasized the dissatisfaction among fans who believe that the integrity of the sport endangered.

The boxing world remains divided, eagerly awaiting a resolution that will satisfy both casual and dedicated fans. However, it seems that it's all about money again, and we can nostalgically remember this sport from some 20 years ago or more.

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