Jake Paul sheds some light on his next fight

Jake Paul has sent an offer to two different fighters, he is waiting for their response.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jake Paul sheds some light on his next fight
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Jake Paul claimed his first ever career win against a professional boxer (Andre August) with an iconic 1st round knockout. ‘The Problem Child’ wants to be more active in 2024 and is soon going to fight again. Jake Paul has already announced his return date; he will be fighting on 2nd March in Puerto Rico.

The opponent has yet to be announced. Jake has sent contracts to two different opponents for his upcoming fight. As of now, the potential opponents remain undisclosed, but fans can expect to hear about the name in the coming weeks.

Apparently, Tommy Fury hasn’t responded to Jake Paul’s offer, which indicates that a rematch may not take place on 2nd March.

Jake Paul on his upcoming fight

In a recent interview with DAZN, Jake Paul revealed that he sent contracts to two different opponents and expressed how he’s eagerly waiting for this event.

“My team sent out two contracts today. Let’s see which of the two potential opponents accepts first. Saturday March 2nd. Puerto Rico. Live on DAZN." Paul said as quoted by mirror.co.uk. “This one is for the greatest Puerto Rican boxer ever, Amanda Serrano.

This one is for the people of Puerto Rico, from the Choliseo to the world. This one is for all of boxing to see how powerful women are in this sport and for Wanna Walton to usher in his superstar boxing future in front of 20,000 people".

It is unlikely for Jake Paul to fight against an MMA fighter, as he clearly mentioned that he will be focusing more on building his boxing career instead of directing his focus towards securing high PPV events. It will be very interesting to see who ends up accepting Jake Paul’s offer. This will be his first co-main event appearance in a very long time.

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