Lennox Lewis on Joshua: You can't feed a dog scraps, Joshua wants to prove himself

The former absolute world heavyweight champion believes that AJ did not profit much from the fight with the Swedish heavyweight

by Sededin Dedovic
Lennox Lewis on Joshua: You can't feed a dog scraps, Joshua wants to prove himself
© Richard Pelham / Getty Images

At the end of 2023, Anthony Joshua showed his dominance with a TKO victory over Otto Wallin in Riyadh, which led to a resurgence in his stock. However, the legendary Lennox Lewis is not entirely impressed with Joshua's choice of opponents and believes the former two-time world champion needs more challenging tests to truly prove himself.

In an interview with The Ring magazine, Lewis expressed concern and disappointment with Joshua's recent opponents, including Jermaine Franklin and Robert Helenius. According to Lewis, these are not the caliber of fighters that will improve Joshua's skills or earn him the respect he wants.

"You can't feed scraps to a dog. Joshua wants to prove himself; let him do it, don't bully him," Lewis stressed. The focus of Lewis' criticism was Otto Wallin, the last opponent whom Joshua defeated and proved that he has regained his old form.

Lewis claimed that Wallin was not the right match for Joshua: "This last guy, Wallin. I don't know how they pick opponents, Joshua sparred with him and beat him. That's not the guy he should have fought because he doesn't get respect fighting guys like that.

He should fight boxers that people can to say, 'That's a good guy, you're back on top,' and that's not a guy that doesn't fight back and sinks to body shots. To me, he's got nothing, that's false security. Anyone can beat that guy and knock him out , but it won't help you"

Zhilei Zhang is a real opponent to return to the top

Lewis suggested several heavyweight contenders as worthy opponents for Joshua, with Zhilei Zhang standing out in particular.

Lewis encouraged Joshua to "be the conqueror" and face Zhang, who previously defeated Joshua's countryman Joe Joyce. In addition, Lewis mentioned Franko Sanchez as another formidable opponent for Joshua. While acknowledging that Joshua could face up-and-coming boxers, Lewis stressed that the real credibility lies in bouts against top fighters such as Tyson Fury and Zhilei Zhang.