Eddie Hearn on the possibility of Hrgovic vs Joshua in March 2024


Eddie Hearn on the possibility of Hrgovic vs Joshua in March 2024
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Eddie Hearn, the promoter for former two-time heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua, talked about their plans for this year. People are curious about what Hearn and Joshua will do next. With Wilder losing, he's not an option anymore. Hearn stressed a good chance of the fight happening in March, maybe again in August or September. Several names are mentioned, but we will see who Joshua will end up in the ring with.

“I think he’s gonna fight in March. Then I guess he fights in August, September, so whether it’s three times in the calendar year or three times from March to March, something like that," Hearn told IFL TV, as quoted by boxingscene.com!

Eddie Hearn thinks there are a lot of potential outcomes and options at this point.

Eddie Hearn and Hrgovic

Hearn explained that a lot needs to happen before a possible fight with Hrgovic in March. He mentioned that Fury and Usyk are set to fight in February, and there are questions about whether they can keep their titles or if they'll have to give them up. Hearn also suggested the idea of Joshua taking Wallin's spot in the rankings. He said many discussions are happening about these things.

Filip Hrgovic
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Joshua has interesting options at the moment. His goal is to continue at the same pace and correct some mistakes from the past. Joshua has improved a lot since his last defeat.

Hearn is thinking carefully about Joshua's future. He does not want to make a mistake, and his goal is to provide the best opponents for him. With everything he's accomplished in his career, Anthony is an interesting option for any boxer at the moment. Hearn is optimistic that his fighter has a great future ahead of him.

"If that’s in play for March, that’s definitely a possibility. Maybe that’s a fight that, when everything plays out, could be one for the summer. As I said, our conversations right now are about mapping out AJ’s next four or five fights … his 2024 and potentially the rest of his career.”

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