Otto Wallin 'have no excuses' after defeat by Anthony Joshua


Otto Wallin 'have no excuses' after defeat by Anthony Joshua
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Otto Wallin is one of the boxers who does not want to make excuses and believes that his opponent, Anthony Joshua, was simply better. In a recent match, in Saudi Arabia, Joshua managed to defeat Wallin and thus open the way to bigger goals. Wallin believes that it is not necessary to analyze the match too much and see what went wrong. He stressed that Joshua was a better opponent and that he showed more quality.

“I really have no excuses. He was just better, I think. He did really well. He used his reach well. He hit me with some really good shots. Yeah, he was just better, I think."- Wallin told Boxing News, as quoted by!

Otto Wallin on Anthony Joshua

What is interesting is that Wallin thinks Joshua was a tougher opponent for him than Tyson Fury. He emphasized that his team had a good game plan from the beginning of the match. Hiring Ben Davison as a trainer seems like a great move.

Anthony Joshua and Otto Wallin
Anthony Joshua and Otto Wallin© Richard Pelham / Getty Images Sport

“He hit me with some good body shots. I’m always ready for that, but I think they had a good game plan. I think maybe, I haven’t watched the fight, but … it was a much tougher fight than the one I had with Fury. He did really well. Maybe he has found his home with Ben Davison, I don’t know.”

Wallin was motivated right from the beginning of the match and thought that he could really win. He wanted to transfer his confidence to the ring. However, he couldn't impose his pace or show his quietness in full glory, next to such a great boxer.

Anthony Joshua is happy after this victory. This could be an indication of slightly better matches for him. Many have lost faith in him, but Joshua's recent performances inspire confidence that this great boxer will achieve his goals in the coming period.

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