Deontay Wilder: When I lost, you see how happy Anthony Joshua was coming out?

"I made him able to perform like that against Wallin."- Wilder said.

by Sead Dedovic
Deontay Wilder: When I lost, you see how happy Anthony Joshua was coming out?
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After Deontay Wilder lost to Joseph Parker, the chances of a match between Joshua and Wilder seem uncertain. Anthony Joshua defeated Otto Wallin. Wilder has wanted to fight Joshua for a while, but there have always been obstacles. It seemed like the fight might happen, but the loss to Parker changed things. In an interview, Wilder said that Joshua and his team don't want to fight him.

“They really don’t want that fight. They really don’t want that fight.”- he said, as quoted by!

Deontay Wilder believes that he is one of the most deserving that Joshua was able to defeat his opponent. Anthony had a great match in which he showed that he really has the qualities, but many wonder if it is enough for even bigger goals. Wilder believes Joshua was happy after his defeat, knowing he would avoid Wilder in the future.

“When I lost, you see how happy he was coming out? ‘Now I can escape.’ I broke out laughing, I said, ‘That * happy as *.’ I made him able to perform like that [against Wallin]. He was like, ‘I ain’t gotta fight Wilder.’ The rumor was he was talking about retiring if I won. March 9, the fight still can go on. But this is a perfect way for them to get out," Wilder said.

Anthony Joshua reacts

Anthony Joshua emphasized that he did not pay too much attention to the match between Wilder and Parker. He was focused on himself and the desire to win. However, he is confident that he can beat Wilder in their potential clash.

"I wasn’t watching, I was just focusing on myself for the whole fight week. I knew how important this fight was to me.

I heard Deontay lost, so what? He will come back.

Everything Deontay said about me, I could rip him apart right now but I’m going to take the higher ground and I hope he comes back."

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