Anthony Joshua secures a terrific 5th round TKO win

Anthony Joshua pleased with the win and he now looks forward to climb further to the top.

by Aryan Lakhani
Anthony Joshua secures a terrific 5th round TKO win
© Richard Pelham/Getty Images

Anthony Joshua looked very sharp against Otto Wallin; his quality striking electrified the entire arena with energy. AJ claimed a dominating 5th-round TKO win against Otto Wallin, who, at some level, looked unprepared today.

Wallin couldn't continue as he was heavily injured; the doctors and referee called a stoppage after Wallin's team confirmed that he couldn't continue. Anthony Joshua is on a fabulous 3-match winning streak; he is in the hunt for momentum.

AJ is happy but not satisfied as he confessed that fulfilment comes from winning championship bouts, not regular ones.

Anthony Joshua's post-fight interview

"I can't rate my performance; Ben Davison, my performance team will judge for me, and the fans at home.

I am sure they will have a lot to say. Not a throwback fight, just another fight. I respect Otto; I was telling everyone I need to focus on the man in front of me. I respect what he's bringing into the table.

AJ on what matters the most to him

"Victory by any means, so when I prayed, one of the things that I knew was that every cell of my spirit and my mind was leading to victory.

We just wanna do whatever it takes to be victorious because, in this game, it's a treacherous business. It's like snakes and ladders. One win gets you up the ladder, and one win takes you all the way up; all I wanna do is stay victorious for long".

Anthony Joshua on fighting Deontay Wilder

"I wasn't watching [AJ reacts to Deontay Wilder's loss]. I just focus on myself; in the whole fight week, let's do a tally of how many people have mentioned my name this week. I heard that Deontay lost, so that he will come back, but everything he has said about me, I could rip him apart right now, but I am going to take the higher ground, and I hope he comes back".

Anthony Joshua