Deontay Wilder confused about ‘mixed rules’ fight with Francis Ngannou

Deontay Wilder shares his thoughts on fighting Francis Ngannou with mixed rules.

by Aryan Lakhani
Deontay Wilder confused about ‘mixed rules’ fight with Francis Ngannou
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Deontay Wilder’s team is having serious discussions with Francis Ngannou’s team and the PFL to arrange a match under ‘mixed rules’. However, no concrete details have been disclosed yet; due to which Deontay Wilder is as confused as the fans are.

After seeing Francis Ngannou’s performance against Tyson Fury, no one should make the silly mistake of underestimating his skills. 2024 might be the year when Ngannou will compete more frequently in the boxing realm.

Spectators will be more excited for Ngannou’s next boxing match as he was successful in proving what he’s capable of doing. As for now, Ngannou will be focusing on his PFL debut, and Wilder will be focused on his next match, which is going to take place in less than 48 hours.

Deontay Wilder on fighting Francis Ngannou under mixed rules

In a recent interview with Lucky Block, Deontay Wilder shared his thoughts on mixed rules and explained how he’s still waiting to hear more about it. “I’d have to hear more about these mixed rules,” Wilder said, as quoted by “I wouldn’t mind fighting in the [cage] and stuff, but I’d have to understand how the mixed rules are distributed.

What do they mean [by] mixed rules? What can and can’t we do? But I know for sure, [if we did] one fight in boxing and then one MMA fight, the rules are what they are”.

Wilder ready to embrace the change

“We’ve got rules in boxing, we’ve got rules in mixed martial arts, but when you are mixing both together, now you have to come up with your own rules and it can get kind of frustrating or confusing, but it could be something that’s new, and I’m all about change. I’d need to hear it, both parties would need to hear it, and go from there”.

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