Woodley: If you're going to fight someone in MMA, it's disrespectful if it's not me

Tyron Woodley wants a trilogy with Jake Paul after two losses and Jake Paul is under contract with PFL and has repeatedly expressed his desire to try MMA

by Sededin Dedovic
Woodley: If you're going to fight someone in MMA, it's disrespectful if it's not me
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Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tyron Woodley once ruled the cage with an aura of dominance and intimidation, drawing comparisons to the legendary Georges St-Pierre. While Woodley was hotly debated as the greatest featherweight in UFC history, his reign ended after four title defenses.

Woodley was toppled by Kamaru Usman, and subsequent losses to Gilbert Burns, Colby Covington and Vicente Luke further tarnished his record.

Two losses to Jake Paul

Entering the boxing ring twice, Woodley faced Jake Paul, a former YouTuber turned boxer.

There were high hopes among MMA fans that Woodley would restore honor to the sport after Paul's victory over Ben Asken, but the former champion failed to deliver. Paul secured a split decision win over Woodley in the eighth month of 2021.

Later that year, on the 12th of 2021, Paul was scheduled to face Tommy Fury, but Fury pulled out with an injury just 12 days before the event. Woodley came in as a late replacement, saving the show. In their rematch, which did not bode well for the former UFC champion, Paul delivered a brutal knockout in the sixth round.

Despite the setback, Woodley is eager for a new opportunity. Interestingly, Jake Paul is under contract with the PFL and has expressed interest in trying MMA, even calling out Nate Diaz. However, Woodley believes that he is the fighter that Paul should give a chance in an MMA fight.

"If he's going to fight someone in MMA, he should fight me. I brought him big numbers and I attracted millions of viewers during press conferences. I am also a five-time world champion, as well as a fighter who agreed to jump in on short notice two weeks before the match.

I shot 'Cobra Kai' for 14 hours straight. I trained at three in the morning and saved that card. The event wouldn't have happened if I hadn't stepped in. People wouldn't buy Christmas presents. So, talking about anyone else in MMA, except for me, is a sign of disrespect.

" "If you really, really want to prove that you can handle my world, fight a fighter who was number 1 in the world. Nate Diaz never touched gold, neither did Derek Brunson,'' Woodley concluded.

Jake Paul