Anthony Joshua looks forward to becoming a champion again

Anthony Joshua shares his thoughts on the upcoming match against Otto Wallin and explained how he looks forward to becoming a heavyweight champion.

by Aryan Lakhani
Anthony Joshua looks forward to becoming a champion again
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Anthony Joshua is on a steady rise again; the two successive victories have played a huge role in boosting his morale and motivation. After closely watching Francis Ngannou's recent performance against Tyson Fury, AJ can foresee replicating a similar performance.

AJ is 1-2 wins away from fighting a major opponent like Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury. AJ feels a lot more confident, and he has started to believe more in his skills and abilities as a boxer. The end goal is crystal clear in Anthony Joshua's eyes – he looks forward to becoming a world champion again.

Anthony Joshua on becoming a champion again

In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Anthony Joshua shared his thoughts on becoming the heavyweight champion and spoke about fighting Otto Wallin. "It's everything," Joshua said, as quoted by

"It is to become a three-time heavyweight champion. But it's also to become a dominant fighter, a better fighter. What that means is the championship will follow that. If I go in the ring and I dominate and I'm better than my opponent, naturally the championship will be around my waist.

Because I'm just better. I'm destined for that. It's been great, honestly. It's been really good to be back home as well during this period. I've spent a long time, some people might say it's not that long but I feel it was a long, good time in America.

AJ on fighting Otto Wallin

"The [Wallin] fight presented itself at a perfect time while I was developing in the UK. So I decided to stay put and it was a really good decision. I've learned a lot and I'm quite happy. People see it.

Sometimes people can see in you what you don't see in yourself. So you just have to see it in yourself and 100 per cent I'm starting to see it in myself. I'm pushing, I'm going to get to the next level".

Anthony Joshua