Joseph Parker reveals the advice received from Tyson Fury

Joseph Parker shares his thoughts on fighting Deontay Wilder.

by Aryan Lakhani
Joseph Parker reveals the advice received from Tyson Fury
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Joseph Parker is a few days away from facing one of the toughest tests of his career; he is confident of a victory and can foresee his hands getting raised on Saturday night against Deontay Wilder. Interestingly, Parker reached out to Tyson Fury for some guidance, and Fury advised him to be cautious of Wilder’s RIGHT HAND.

Deontay Wilder has been inactive for more than a year, and the outcome of this fight will play a deciding role in how the next few fights turn out to be. Wilder is equally confident, and it will be fascinating to see if Joseph Parker can cause an upset this Saturday night.

Joseph Parker on fighting Deontay Wilder

In a recent interview with IFL Tv, Joseph Parker shared his thoughts on fighting Deontay Wilder. “I got good momentum, and I feel extremely confident going win this fight,” Parker said, as quoted by

“It’s that simple [don’t get hit by Wilder’s right hand], I asked Tyson [Fury] about what advice he could give me, and he said, ‘Stay away from the right hand and don’t get knocked out.’ It’s that simple, but it’s twelve rounds, and he’s dangerous for every round.

So, I just need to be switched on, and I know I can be and I will be [heavier than Wilder]. Tyson is 6’9″ and has the long reach, what is he, 270 lbs? So, Tyson’s plan will be different from ours. I’ve got to use whatever I have to my advantage.

“I’ve got good speed, movement, and I’ve got good power myself. I’m going to use that to the best of my ability and performance very well. I know what I can do in the ring. I back myself 100%. I’m extremely confident. Put on a great display of boxing, catch him, and fly home and see my family”.

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