Heavyweight Showdown: Filip Hrgovic vs. De Mori – A Battle for Glory in Saudi Arabia

Next Saturday, Saudi Arabia is organizing the 'Day of Reckoning', one of the biggest boxing events in the last few decades, which will feature several big names in the heavyweight division

by Sededin Dedovic
Heavyweight Showdown: Filip Hrgovic vs. De Mori – A Battle for Glory in Saudi Arabia
© Tom Dulat / Getty Images

On Saturday, Saudi Arabia will witness one of the most significant boxing events in recent decades, dubbed 'The Day of Reckoning' Among the others is Croatian heavyweight boxer Filip Hrgovic, who will enter the ring against Australian veteran Marko de Mori.

The long-awaited event is scheduled for December 23. Hrgovic, who is considered the absolute favorite in this match, is preparing for a showdown with 41-year-old De Mori, who does not seem to be bothered by the odds. In a brave statement upon his arrival in Saudi Arabia, De Mori expressed his readiness for a tough night and issued a warning to Hrgovic, threatening serious injuries, including broken ribs and a broken jaw.

"The pressure is on him, I'm going into the ring without any pressure on his back. My goal is to break his ribs and jaw," said the Australian, showing his determination to create a sensation in the ring.

A great score from an experienced Australian

Despite De Mori's confidence, the odds are in favor of Hrgovic, who is recognized for his talent and powerful shots.

With 45 fights in his career, De Mori boasts an impressive record of 41 wins, two losses and two draws. However, he lacks experience against big names, which is why the bookmakers favored Hrgovic in the upcoming match. Namely, De Mori spent the past decade in Croatia, where he was involved in the tourism industry, adding an intriguing dimension to this international conflict.

Attack on the IBF belt

For Hrgovic, this fight serves as a strategic move to stay active before he fights for the IBF heavyweight belt next year. As the mandatory challenger, he is eagerly anticipating to reveal his challenger for the coveted belt, which will remain vacant after the Oleksandr Usyk vs.

Tyson Fury match. "I had good preparations, I feel great and I'm ready. The opponent is not the one I'm aiming for, but no one should be underestimated. I took him seriously," said Hrgovic, emphasizing his commitment to the upcoming match and his bigger goal of securing the IBF belt. In his professional career, the Croatian boxer had 16 fights and 16 victories, 13 of which were knockouts.