Eddie Hearn reacts to Chantelle Cameron's bitter comments about him

Eddie Hearn shares his thoughts on Chantelle Cameron being disappointed by his enthusiastic celebration.

by Aryan Lakhani
Eddie Hearn reacts to Chantelle Cameron's bitter comments about him
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Chantelle Cameron faced her first-ever career defeat against Katie Taylor in the rematch. She seeks the trilogy fight and wants Eddie Hearn and Katie Taylor to make it happen. Cameron wasn't happy to see Eddie Hearn's [He was celebrating] gesture after the rematch with Katie Taylor got over.

Hearn's enthusiasm disappointed Cameron as she was hoping for him to be more neutral. The trilogy match is bound to happen; 2024 might be the year when Taylor and Cameron get an opportunity to settle their scores.

Chantelle Cameron on Eddie Hearn

In an interview with BBC Look East, Chantelle Cameron said the following about Eddie Hearn: "They always knew I was a threat against Katie Taylor, and that's what happened in the first fight when you see Eddie nearly crying when I actually beat her.

In the second fight, in the celebrations, he forgot I was his fighter as well," Cameron said as quoted by boxingscene.com. "He was jumping up and down, happy. Obviously, they've had a great story together and a great journey, but they represent me as well.

I want the trilogy, but it's hard to work with someone who does that to you. I respect him as a promoter; I became undisputed [champion] under him, but that [Hearn celebrating Taylor's win] was a little bit cruel and embarrassing for me as well".

Eddie Hearn on Chantelle Cameron's comments

In an interview with IFL TV, Eddie Hearn responded to Chantelle Cameron's statements: "I wasn't happy with the comments. I like Chantelle. She never seems to be happy with the job we've done," Hearn said, as quoted by boxingscene.com.

"I got you two life and career and legacy-defining fights with Katie Taylor back-to-back and made millions of pounds. I don't know what else we can do. There's no hard feelings between myself and Chantelle. I watched the interview, and I was just like, 'Wow,' but it's boxing. We don't all have to go out and have mince pies together, but we want to do good business together."

Eddie Hearn