Chantelle Cameron wants an immediate trilogy with Katie Taylor, Eddie Hearn responds

Chantelle Cameron looks forward to a trilogy fight with Katie Taylor.

by Aryan Lakhani
Chantelle Cameron wants an immediate trilogy with Katie Taylor, Eddie Hearn responds
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Chantelle Cameron and Katie Taylor lost their undefeated record within the span of a few months, their rivalry is stuck at 1-1 after Katie Taylor avenged her bitter loss in the rematch. Cameron seeks a conclusion and has pitched the idea of fighting Katie Taylor for the 3rd time.

It will be very interesting to see how Katie Taylor responds to the call out; Eddie Hearn shared his thoughts on the trilogy match and seemed to be convinced to make it happen one more time.

Chantelle Cameron calls out Katie Taylor

In a recent tweet Chantelle Cameron said the following: “Had my break from boxing to clear my head and recover from my first loss, @katie_t86 we both took each others 0, let’s get the trilogy on next .

I agreed the first fight in less than 48 hours no excuses If you are anything like me you will not want to leave this at 1 -1”.

Eddie Hearn on Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron III

In an interview with Boxing Social, Eddie Hearn explained if he would be interesting in organizing a 3rd fight between Chantelle Cameron and Katie Taylor.

“I hope so,” Hearn said, as quoted by “It’s great to hear her say that. Obviously she’s disappointed to lose. But when she reflects on it she will see two great fights and an opportunity to do a trilogy as well and that’s definitely the fight that we’d like to make and we’ll start talking to her and her team and see if it can make it happen.

She’s beaten Katie in Ireland before, she’ll believe she can do it again, why not? You gotta get over the ‘oh, I felt it was a knockdown,’ or ‘she was holding,’ or ‘she was elbowing me’ —at the end of the day, it’s a fight, it’s over, let’s move on”.

Eddie Hearn