Devin Haney explained why he didn’t get a KO win against Regis Prograis

Devin Haney was more focused on winning instead of securing a knockout.

by Aryan Lakhani
Devin Haney explained why he didn’t get a KO win against Regis Prograis
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Devin Haney claimed a dominating win against Regis Prograis and pleased many fans worldwide; however, some fans were disappointed because, during the press conference, Devin Haney predicted a knockout win. It was a great show of boxing; Haney landed clean shots and was successful in dropping Regis Prograis - which in itself is a huge achievement.

However, Haney said he couldn’t get a knockout win because he was focused on putting pressure on Regis Prograis, and if he had diverted his focus on getting a knockout, he would have risked himself in danger. It will be interesting to see if a rematch between Prograis and Haney takes place in the near future; if not, fans can cross their fingers and wait for Haney vs Garcia.

Devin Haney on not getting a knockout

During the post-fight press conference, Devin Haney revealed why he couldn’t get a knockout win against Regis Prograis. “I wanted to fight,” Haney said, as quoted by

“I knew that I could hurt him, and I knew that I was hurting him. But every round I went back to the corner, my dad would say, ‘Just stay focused. Stay sticking to the game plan. You’re beating him easy. Keep breaking him down.’ And that’s what I was doing.

You know, and it comes with experience.
In the Linares fight, I was breaking him down. He was going down fast, but I got too greedy and, you know, that’s when I got hit with a shot that I shouldn’t have got hit with.

So, in this fight, you know, with the experience, you know, we just stuck to the game plan. And if the knockout was to come, then it was gonna come. But we didn’t wanna get too greedy”.

Devin Haney