Andre August excited to fight Jake Paul

Andre August shares his thoughts on fighting Jake Paul.

by Aryan Lakhani
Andre August excited to fight Jake Paul
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Andre August is a few days away from claiming one of the biggest opportunities of his career; as an obvious response, he is excited. Andre August will be marked as the second professional boxer faced by Jake Paul. The first professional boxer was Tommy Fury, and that match did not end in Jake Paul's favor as he lost via split decision.

Since his first-career defeat Paul has had the time to reflect and learn from his mistakes; the challenge ahead is far from easy, and it will be interesting to see if Paul can claim a win against the professional boxer Andre August on 15th December.

Andre August on trash-talking

In a recent interview with Fox Digital News, Andre August shared his thoughts on fighting Jake Paul and explained why he would refrain from any trash-talking. "I'm used to people doing a lot of talking and stuff," August said, as quoted by

"… We street-fighting and stuff, So, people saying this and saying that, but when they come face-to-face, it's a different story. It's all good. I'm a mellow-type guy, man, I'm 35, I don't want to go in that yelling and lip-talking, man.

I'm not like that".

Andre August on Jake Paul

"Nothing but respect for him, I tip my hat to him, Appreciate the opportunity, and I've seen what he's done for boxing. It's all good; love and respect. It's exciting, man. Just show people what the hard work looks like, and the struggle, how we came from the struggle to where we're at now.

"It's kind of a struggle being at camp and away from my family. That's going to bring more of the ambition for me to the ring. It kind of irks my nerves that I have to do it for my family. Just really excited for the fight and making it happen and getting it out of the way, to be honest".

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