Devin Haney glad as Ryan Garcia seeks fight: Been calling Ryan out for years

"I’m willing to make the … I wanna make the best fights, biggest fights happen.”- Haney said.

by Sead Dedovic
Devin Haney glad as Ryan Garcia seeks fight: Been calling Ryan out for years
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Devin Haney is ready to fight Ryan Garcia, even though it seemed like an impossible mission a few months ago. After Haney achieved victory over Prograis, Garcia decided to call out Haney on social media and to confirm that he is interested in fighting him.

Devin emphasized at the press conference after the end of the fight that he was happy about it, and that he would like to meet in the ring with Ryan Garcia.

“I think that’s a possibility,” Haney said, as quoted by!

“That’s a mega-fight. You know, I been calling out Ryan for years now, so it’s good to hear that, you know, he finally wanna fight. It sucks that it came after, you know, he took a ‘L,’ but it was only a matter of time."
Haney recognizes Garcia's boxing intelligence and admires the qualities he possesses.

Many aspire to step into the ring with him.

“But now he finally wanna, you know, call me out. But at the end of the day, it’s still a big fight and like I said, I’m willing to make the … I wanna make the best fights, biggest fights happen”.

Eddie Hearn

Bill Haney, Devin's father/trainer is also interested in his son's fight against Garcia. He asked Eddie Hearn if that was a realistic option. Oscar De La Hoya, Garcia's promoter will also play an important role in the negotiations and Ryan's future.

“I mean, it’s come from Oscar, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s real,” Hearn said.
Hearn thinks it would be a great option for both of them. Both are great boxers who have a CW that we don't have to say much about.

Fans have taken to social media, urging for the arrangement of this fight at the earliest opportunity.

“But Ryan said so as well. But listen, that’s a great fight. You know, I think Ryan should be chasing the champions at 140.

He should be chasing the number one in the division. And Devin’s the number one in the division, so you know, I do think looking back, I think people don’t quite understand what Devin used to do to make 135. When I used to work with him, before he had to go over to the other side and rob the bank, he was done at 135.

And he went on to have three more fights at 135. Two of them was traveling to the other side of the world [Australia] to make weight [for wins against George Kambosos], which I think is an incredible achievement."

Hearn emphasized the success Haney has achieved in his career.

He is currently the wish of many boxers, although things didn't seem that way at one time. However, Devin has become a boxer whom many respect and know what a challenge he represents.

“And he’s right – there is no way he could’ve fulfilled the potential he had as a fighter at 135.

And I think for years and years we chased a Ryan Garcia fight. No one wanted to fight Devin Haney. And everyone used the excuse – when you’ve got a really good fighter, everyone uses the excuse, ‘Oh, they just don’t sell.

It’s not a big enough fight. No one knows who he is.’ But he’s actually gone to Australia, become undisputed, come back, you know, those fights that he had, beat Lomachenko. Now he’s sold out in a city that hasn’t had boxing for two decades. Who else can do that in boxing?”

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