Blonde Bomber Bleaches: Bridges' 21-Month Reign Ends at the Hands of Yoshida

Yoshida - who is mainly an MMA fighter - stepped in at the last minute and shocked the boxing world after an impressive performance against Bridges

by Sededin Dedovic
Blonde Bomber Bleaches: Bridges' 21-Month Reign Ends at the Hands of Yoshida
© Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

Ebanie Bridges' 21-month reign as IBF bantamweight champion came to an end on Saturday night as the Australian boxer was defeated by Miyo Yoshida in San Francisco. The unanimous decision victory over Yoshida, a late opponent, shocked the boxing world, considering that Yoshida is mostly an MMA fighter.

From the opening bell, Yoshida asserted her dominance, dictating the pace of the fight and overwhelming Bridges at will. No one expected such an introduction to the match, and now the former champion Bridges had no solution for her opponent.

The Japanese challenger displayed an impressive technical repertoire and relentless pressure, leaving Bridges struggling to find her rhythm. The scores reflected Yoshida's clear advantage, with all three judges giving her the decisive victory (99-91, 99-91 and 97-93).

Bridges, who entered the ring as a heavy favorite, seemed unprepared for Yoshida's unorthodox style. However, Bridges probably underestimated her opponent and did not prepare adequately. Maybe she was too sure of herself because she already beat Yoshida once in February this year.

Yoshida happened to be a replacement opponent

Yoshida's victory was especially significant given the last-minute circumstances. Originally scheduled to face Australian Avril Mathie, Bridges was forced to fight Yoshida after Mathie withdrew due to injury.

This unexpected change of opponent may have played a role in Bridges' inability to adapt and overcome Yoshida's tactical approach. Adding to the spectacle surrounding the fight was Bridges' iconic pre-fight ritual. True to form, the blonde bombshell wore her signature underwear, once again captivating the crowd with her bold personality.

However, her performance in the ring did not live up to the pre-fight drama, as Yoshida proved to be the superior fighter on the night. The loss marks a significant drop for Bridges, who has established herself as a rising star in the bantamweight division.

Meanwhile, Miyo Yoshida's impressive win catapulted her into the spotlight, and the boxing world will be eagerly awaiting to see her back in the ring. Considering this impressive victory, we can be sure that she will return to the boxing ring very soon.

Ebanie Bridges© Ezra Shaw / Getty Images