Regis Prograis reveals that he was ready to choose MMA over Boxing

Regis Prograis talks about fighting MMA professionally.

by Aryan Lakhani
Regis Prograis reveals that he was ready to choose MMA over Boxing
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The WBC super lightweight champion of the world, Regis Prograis, will be fighting Devin Haney in less than a few hours. Interestingly, Prograis openly admitted that he would have built a career in MMA instead of boxing if MMA had been significant in his time.

After diving into the world of boxing, Prograis has practiced MMA with well-known MMA fighters like Jose Aldo. Prograis enjoyed the MMA training and is frequently exposed to Ji-Jitsu as he travels to Brazil every now and then since it’s his wife’s home place.

Regis Prograis on building an MMA career

Recently on the MMA Hour, Regis Prograis explained how he would have started a career in MMA and reflected a little on the time he spent with Jose Aldo. “Honestly, I’m not going to lie to you, if MMA was big when I was coming up, I probably would have did MMA,” Prograis said as quoted by

“Because I like that type of stuff. My wife is Brazilian so I spent a lot of time in Brazil. When I’m out there, I do a lot of grappling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu and stuff like that. So I actually do like that sport a lot, but I just so happen to be a boxer.

I like the sport.

Prograis on training with Jose Aldo

"I trained with Pedro Rizzo, I trained with Jose Aldo when I was in Brazil. All those guys out there, they showed me a lot of love so I do like MMA. When I first met him, he was coming off that loss to Conor McGregor.

So he was kind of iffy but he was still the King of Rio. We hung out a few times. We was actually supposed to spar one day, but it just never happened. He was like partying or something the night before and it never happened”.