Deontay Wilder calls out famous boxers: They cannot be the 'faces of boxing'

“They gon’ be the face of their own individual weight class"

by Sead Dedovic
Deontay Wilder calls out famous boxers: They cannot be the 'faces of boxing'
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Deontay Wilder is one of those who is angry about epithets about individuals in the boxing world. Several famous boxers are considered by many to be the 'faces of this sport' Wilder believes that many factors play a role when you want to name someone the 'face of boxing'

Considering how long he has been on the boxing scene, Deontay knows well how individuals became popular and got an opportunity that others did not. “I never agreed with the ‘faces of boxing’ [debate],” Wilder told Brian Custer on The Last Stand Podcast, quoted by!

“What did that mean? That’s something that someone came up with and wanted to put out there and put a name or face to it. ‘Oh it depends on the popularity’—nah. Because everybody gets different opportunities.

Just because one guy out here is more [popular] that means someone is helping him with opportunities to be out there. There’s a lot of great fighters, brilliant fighters who will never get the opportunity to display themselves … These guys that out here are getting the opportunities.

They had the help, they had other people that been in the business to get that shine on them, do you understand me? Judging by his words, Wilder believes that many of them must become part of the heavyweight division, and knock out their opponent to be said to deserve such epithets.

“They gon’ be the face of their own individual weight class. Now when these guys come up, when these so-called faces of boxing come up into our world, and you start knocking on some of these heavyweights, then I’d be glad to say, ‘Damn, he is the face of boxing.’ You understand me?"

Deontay Wilder: Let the smallest man gain weight and come up to the heavyweight

Deontay has enormous respect for the heavyweight division, which he considers currently the strongest and best.

His opinion is that individuals from the lower categories would have a difficult task to face the heavyweights. For years now, there have been several boxers who are considered by most to be the best in this sport. A man who has been in this sport for years has a slightly different opinion.

“If I had to go down and lose weight to prove to show them who the face of boxing is, then let that begin. Let the smallest man gain weight and come up to the heavyweight. Let’s play that game and we’ll see who’s the real face of boxing.

I’ll guarantee you that a heavyweight is willing to fight anybody than a smaller weight [fighter]. You ain’t gonna get no small guy to fight a heavyweight. Now, as a heavyweight, I’ll fight any man in the m* world, you understand me? Any division”.

Boxers from lower weight classes will feel targeted when they hear Wilder's words. He holds a unique view of himself, considering he's among the smaller heavyweights, yet has achieved immense success in the division. His desire is not to hate anyone, but he considers this to be logical.

"Look at me. I’m probably one of the smallest heavyweights in the business. But all these other [fighters], they get mad when m* get two pounds over [the weight limit of their weight division]. I fight guys 20, 40, 50 pounds heavier than me.

And people want to be the face of boxing? C’mon man. Get outta here. You the face of your weight division. And I ain’t hatin’ on nobody. I’m just speaking logically. People have to sit back and think, like, damn you can’t be the whole face of boxing if you just fighting guys in your weight division and y’all m*cryin’ about people going two pounds, three pounds over when I’m up here fighting m* 50, 60 pounds heavier than me. And still layin’ their ass out. Hello!”

Deontay Wilder