Deontay Wilder sees Ngannou's boxing performance as a great prelude to their fight


Deontay Wilder sees Ngannou's boxing performance as a great prelude to their fight
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Deontay Wilder was supposed to face Francis Ngannou, although this is something that many did not know. In an interview with Lucky Block, Wilder revealed that the match between him and Ngannou should have taken place primarily.

However, Fury turned out to be a better option for Ngannou. Deontay is happy that Ngannou showed his qualities in the match against the Gypsy King. “Me and Francis were supposed to fight first [before Fury] but because of different circumstances it didn't happen, but it’s cool because it was better for him to go and participate in a boxing match.

It’s made it bigger and better for him because he’s made a name for himself in boxing to the point it’s getting people excited about a fight with the likes of me," Wilder told Lucky Block, as quoted by!

Francis Ngannou and Deontay Wilder

Ngannou and Wilder are rumored to square off in a mixed-rules bout. Deontay Wilder still doesn't understand what mixed rules would entail. He believes that the best option is to face each other in the octagon, then in the boxing ring, and figure out who is more dominant.

"I'd have to hear more about these ‘mixed rules’. I wouldn't mind fighting in the octagon and stuff, but I'd have to understand how the mixed rules are distributed. What do they mean ‘mixed rules’? What can and can't we do? But I know for sure - one fight in boxing and then one MMA fight - the rules are what they are," Wilder said.

Both are part of the sports in which they are dominant. Certain mixed rules would create confusion for many. The fact is that each of them has advantages related to the sport in which they compete or have competed. "We've got rules in boxing, we've got rules in mixed martial arts.

But when you're mixing both together now you have to come up with your own rules and it can get kind of frustrating or confusing. But it could be something that's new and I'm all about change. I'd need to hear it, both parties would need to hear it, and go from there”.

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