Deontay Wilder on potential retirement

"I started very late. I started at 21. I haven’t had much damage on me"- he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Deontay Wilder on potential retirement
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Deontay Wilder thought about retirement at certain moments of his career. After losing to Tyson Fury in 2021, Deontay had many dilemmas; Should he end his career or continue? Despite being 38 years old, Wilder made it clear during The Last Stand Podcast that he has no intentions of ending his career.

He started his professional career relatively late, and he still feels great. “I’m young, I’m young, I just turned 38,” Wilder said on The Last Stand Podcast, as quoted by! “But we gotta understand that I started very late.

I started at 21. I haven’t had much damage on me. I’m still s*, I still talk very well, I handle business very well. I’m still energetic. I think I’m a seasoned fighter right now."

Deontay Wilder: I’m not burned out

Wilder has seen lots of fighters calling it quits quite early, and he thinks it's because they jumped into their careers too quickly, causing them to burn out.

He's noticed that at the height of their success, some fighters lose that fire they once had. Even so, many of them push through and keep going. “I used to think about all these other fighters, started when they were young, very young, and get to the point [where they burn out].

I look at some of my Olympic brothers, like damn they burnt out because they’ve been doing it for so long and you can’t get burnt out. But I’m not burned out because of how I started and where I am now." In a few weeks, Wilder will have the opportunity to show his qualities in a match against Joseph Parker.

That could be a prelude to what awaits us: Match vs Anthony Joshua! “I’m seasoned right now, and a lot of people will see it come December 23rd, what I mean by that”.

Deontay Wilder