Dana White explains the difference between UFC and Boxing

Dana White is not a fan of how boxing currently operates.

by Aryan Lakhani
Dana White explains the difference between UFC and Boxing
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Dana White does not seem to be a huge fan of boxing and the way it operates; he recently took the time to point out the gap between the UFC and Boxing. Dana White believes boxing has become more of a circus; many individuals have agreed with that statement after seeing fights hosted by MisFits boxing and other organizations.

In his differentiation analysis, all fighters in the UFC belong to where they are as they are professional MMA fighters. However, in boxing, nowadays, anyone can join, from influencers, youtubers and tiktokers. Interestingly, a few events were also replicated using WWE's concept of tag matches.

Usually, fighters made a switch from MMA/UFC to boxing because of the earning potential present in the sport.

Dana White on UFC vs Boxing

Recently on the Full Send Podcast, Dana White explained why he is not a huge fan of boxing and the way it currently works.

"We don't turn it into a circus," White said, as quoted by mirror.co.uk. "If you've ever noticed in boxing, there are 500 people in the ring that don't belong in the ring. Who the are these people and why are they in there? They're nobodies looking to get on TV.

The only people in the octagon are people that need to be in the octagon. White further said: Even the promoters are going in there, for what? What the do you need to be in there for? You know when I go in there? When it's time to put the belt on or if a big melee starts to break out or whatever, that's it.

The fighters walk out with their team, the guys who help them train and get there". Many people will agree with Dana White, and many won't. As far as entertainment is concerned, people are enjoying these events – at the end of the day, that is all that matters.

Dana White