Peter Fury: "He showed what he can when he turns on his right hand."

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Peter Fury: "He showed what he can when he turns on his right hand."

Peter Fury was in the hall yesterday during a match between Anthony Joshua and Kubrat Pulev, as his son Hughie had done his match shortly before. As a well-known boxing expert, he was asked by the IFL to comment on the match.

"You have to give a little respect to Pulev after what he went through. I was convinced he was done. He came back because he is a real fighter. He is a good man and in Bulgaria Hughie and I was very much appreciated by him.

He is that type of man and I appreciate him ", said the first thing about his son's challenger and former opponent, especially impressed by the Bulgarian's return to the match after a difficult third round. Then he turned to Joshua.

"Joshua was calm and measured, he hit his shots well. I think he was too restrained. At times he acted as if he lacked self-confidence. He waited a long time, and when he turned on properly he brought fire."

Fury on the match

But he believes that with Joshua everything was properly designed and that in the end the final result is looked at, and then came the victory without any stain and in fact without receiving a serious blow in nine rounds of the match.

He especially mentioned as an important detail the moment when the champion decided to use his additional weapons, after building his advantage at the expense of the left direction in the first half of the match. "His job was to beat the man in front of him.

And Pulev is a serious boxer, it will always be a problem. He is a good boxer, not an idiot. At such a high level there is no easy job. Joshua had a strategy and he adhered to it. He showed what he can when he turns on his right hand.

It performs perfectly and if it hits you you're in trouble, "he revealed what he saw. Joshua could now be in a big match against his nephew Tyson, whom Peter coached early in his career. Relationships are no longer as they used to be, but he was still asked to comment on that match, with the question of what he thinks who is a favorite "It's a good fight that has to happen and I hope it will.

I don't know what to say about that fight because I'm not instructed in any camp, but it's going to be a good match!" He said, successfully avoiding the second part of the question.