Ryan Garcia sheds some light on his battles with inactivity

Ryan Garcia explained how difficult it was for him to stay away from boxing.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ryan Garcia sheds some light on his battles with inactivity
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Ryan Garcia looks forward to showcasing improvements in his fight against Oscar Duarte this Saturday night. The bitter taste of defeat made Ryan Garcia stronger as a person; he claims to be more focused and determined after facing his first-ever career defeat against Gervonta Davis.

Prior to the Gervonta Davis fight, Ryan Garcia took a break for about 9 months. Garcia admitted that the inactivity jeopardized his mental health and forced him to take a few steps back. Garcia was clouded with mental struggles, but this new opportunity has resurrected him, and he’s ready to put on a show this Saturday night.

Ryan Garcia on his mental health

In a recent interview with boxingscene.com, Ryan Garcia expressively spoke about the struggles he faced due to inactivity and explained how he’s much better now. “My mental health break really caused me to stumble and made me take a lot of steps back,” Garcia said, as quoted by boxingscene.com.

“I got involved with things that take away from how you sharpen your boxing. When I tried to get back into it I lost a step and never knew how to get it back. Life was moving so fast. I felt so much pressure to get back in the ring and make money.

It never let me get my foot set and get back in the gym and learn, and remember the things that I knew to do, what made me, me. It was a hard time figuring it out but this loss [to Davis] helped it. Because now I'm awake and so focused.

I feel the fire and focus now. It's going to be fun and magical. I can't wait for people to see it. I'm going to set a tone and example out of Duarte for everyone at 140 pounds. This is how I'm coming. Be prepared. I'm not letting my foot off the gas after this.

I want to keep fighting and stay active, whether a big fight happens or not. I have to stay active because that's the one thing that's crippled me. When I'm active, I'm on fire”.

Ryan Garcia