John Fury: The match against Usyk should be postponed, Tyson will destroy his career

The match with Ngannu turned out to be more problematic than planned

by Sededin Dedovic
John Fury: The match against Usyk should be postponed, Tyson will destroy his career
© Justin Setterfield / Getty Images

Tyson Fury's father, John Fury, has expressed concerns that his son may not be fully prepared for his upcoming undisputed heavyweight title fight against Oleksandr Usyk on February 17. Tyson Fury has made a swift return to training following his October 28th clash against Francis Ngannou, a decision that has raised eyebrows within his camp.

Ideally, Fury would have benefited from ample time to recover from the grueling encounter with Ngannou, the formidable puncher who gave the WBC champion a run for his money. Fury suffered a knockdown in the third round, leaving him with limited time for recovery and specific training for Usyk, who poses the most significant challenge of his career.

Tyson is taking more punches than ever in his career

Usyk, a renowned technical boxer, is known for his sharp mind, quick reflexes, and masterful counters. John Fury has already voiced his apprehensions about Tyson's physique and recent fighting style, and he has now reiterated those concerns.

"They should be boxing on February 17, but in my opinion, he needs a little more time to get his fitness and weight up to the right level," John Fury stated to Metro, expressing concern about the number of blows his son has absorbed in recent fights.

"He's taking more punches now than he's taken in his entire career and that could shorten his career. That's the concern we have. Tyson is a great man, but sometimes he needs to use some common sense or he's going to ruin his career!" Tyson Fury has demonstrated remarkable resilience in the ring, bouncing back from devastating knockdowns against Deontay Wilder and showcasing his ability to shed significant weight during layoff periods.

However, time will tell if he can replicate this feat, especially in the high-stakes showdown against Usyk. Will Tyson Fury be able to overcome the challenges posed by his father's concerns and emerge victorious? The answer will unfold on February 17, leaving boxing enthusiasts around the globe eager to witness the outcome of this momentous clash.