Devin Haney is confident of securing a win against Regis Prograis

Devin Haney shares his thoughts on fighting Regis Prograis.

by Aryan Lakhani
Devin Haney is confident of securing a win against Regis Prograis
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In less than a month, Regis Prograis will be defending his WBC super lightweight belt against Devin Haney. This fight will be marked as one of the most interesting match ups of the year. A must-win for both fighters. Haney is confident in his skills and abilities as a boxer, and he believes Regis Prograis’ left hand won’t help in snatching the match away.

Haney seems to be interested in fighting at 147 pounds; after securing a win, he will unveil the opponents that he would be ready to face in the future. Prograis hasn’t lost a match since 2019, and in a few weeks, we will find out if he can extend his winning streak.

Devin Haney on fighting Regis Prograis

In a recent interview with Fight Hype, Devin Haney shared his thoughts on fighting Regis Prograis and explained how his common fighting style won’t help him secure a win. “I’m happy to be bringing this fight back home.

Tickets are doing amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better camp,” Haney said, as quoted by “He has no skills. We all know he’s a one-trick pony, He wants to go try and land a big left hand and knock you out.

That won’t work. I’ll go in there and show him that skills pay the bills. He has nothing but power”.

Devin Haney on his next opponent

“Now, it just makes for me to go in on December 9th and put everything that we’ve been working on to work, 147 is the next weight class up.

So that weight class is an interest. Not only Keith Thurman, but other guys as well. It all starts with me being victorious on December 9th. Once I’m victorious, I can tell you who I want next or who I have my eyes on, of course, Teofimo is great for boxing and is a fight that can be made, but like I said.

It all starts with December 9th. I’ve got to be victorious. Once I’m victorious, I can tell you”.

Devin Haney