Hall of Famer: Fury has a weak chin, his chances are going down

Recently, Tyson Fury has received more and more criticism, even though he is the undisputed champion

by Sededin Dedovic
Hall of Famer: Fury has a weak chin, his chances are going down
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Tyson Fury, the reigning WBC heavyweight champion, faced increased scrutiny after his underwhelming performance against Francis Ngannou in October. His beard, once a symbol of his strength and resilience, is now being questioned by boxing experts and fans alike.

Fury's undefeated record and impressive wins against Deontay Wilder cemented his position as the best heavyweight boxer in the world. However, his recent lackluster performance against Ngannou, who managed to take him for the full 10 rounds and even knock him down, has raised concerns about his ability to maintain his dominance.

Retired boxing champion and Hall of Famer Barry McGuigan expressed particular concern about Fury's chin, saying: "Let's be honest, Tyson has been on the floor a lot so he doesn't have the strongest chin. He deserved to win against Ngannou, but it wasn't impressive.

He's on his own let himself down with that performance and when you consider that against Usyk and you would always make him the favorite in that fight, but after that his chances still go down," he said.

John Fury says his son is not what he used to be

Fury's father, John Fury, also expressed concern about his son's beard, stating that it could interfere with his ability to take a hit.

However, he remains confident in his son's ability and believes he will be well prepared for the challenge against Usyk. "He didn't look good. Everything about him had changed, his attitude, his body. I was confused. He told me he was training, but there is a difference between training and real training.

If he trains at a pace that suits him and no one tells him anything, he will not be motivated to do better. No one can teach Tyson how to box, and no one can teach him more than what he already knows." The upcoming undisputed title fight against Usyk presents a unique challenge for Fury.

Usyk is a smaller, more technical opponent and a former unified cruiserweight champion. Will such statements by the expert and his father lead to a drop in morale for a man who is surely one of the greatest boxers ever. It will surely be a big challenge for the champion.

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