Jake Paul reveals that he will lose money by fighting Andre August

Jake Paul is fighting Andre August to build his boxing career not to earn money.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jake Paul reveals that he will lose money by fighting Andre August
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Jake Paul has expressed sheer commitment and devotion to the sport of boxing; after becoming a PPV star in the boxing world and securing astonishing numbers, Jake Paul has decided to focus more on growing as a 'boxer' than a PPV star.

Jake Paul is going to fight Andre August on 15th December; unlike some professional boxers, Andre August does not have that much fame, but he does have an impressive professional record of 10-1-1 (5 Knockouts). Fans and boxing experts kept criticizing Jake Paul for not facing a boxer; well, here it is: Jake will make his second attempt against a professional boxer and in less than a month, we will find out if he extends his winning momentum.

This fight will play a crucial role in dictating where Jake Paul's boxing career will lead from here. Andre August is a dedicated boxer who is grateful for the golden opportunity, and he looks forward to sending Jake Paul back into the world of YouTubing.

Jake Paul on losing money by fighting Andre August

In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Jake Paul explained why he's fighting Andre August in spite of the financial risk involved. "100 per cent I'm foregoing a lot of money," Paul said, as quoted by thesun.com.

"This is probably a break even fight for me I probably won't even make money on it. It's not about the money it's really about staying sharp and the experience of challenging myself in the ring with these guys - he's a beast".

Andre August on fighting Jake Paul

In an interview with IFN, Andre August said the following: “Jake Paul has the money, the fame, the team and the resources but he doesn’t have my hunger”, August said, as quoted by esstentiallysports.com.

“When that bell rings, I am going to go straight to Jake Paul and ring his bell and send him back to YouTube for good”.

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