Eddie Hearn clarifies Wilder's $50 million offer: Identifies key issue


Eddie Hearn clarifies Wilder's $50 million offer: Identifies key issue
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Deontay Wilder's recent claim that he offered Anthony Joshua 50 million dollars for a fight sparked numerous reactions. Promoter Eddie Hearn, in a media interview, clarified the main issue. Wilder's team sent an email emphasizing their readiness to pay 50 million dollars for the fight, while Joshua's team insisted on having a formal contract.

"To be honest with you, that was about three, four years ago. No one came to us with an offer. We received an email," Hearn said to The Daily Mail, as quoted by boxingscene.com! "I mean, me and Deontay are friends so I don't want to hard, but we received an email from a Hotmail address saying we will give you $50 million dollars for the fight.

It was sent to Anthony Joshua. Directly. He was like 'what.' "

Eddie Hearn and his request

Hearn requested a contract, but they refused to provide one. In those moments, he realized he couldn't accept the offer that came through the mail.

There were significant concerns about potential deception. Eddie emphasizes the need to focus on the future, highlighting that there's still a strong possibility for such a fight to take place.
"So, I went back and said send the contract.

They went no, you need to agree terms before we send the contract. I said you don't agree terms before sending the contract. I didn't know what was the contract looks like at this point. I'm not going to put myself in a position and say yes I agree terms and then receive a contract that is just rubbish and you can't sign it.

But, they never sent it. There's a lot of reasons why that fight didn't happen but we have to look to the future. We have a big chance of getting the fight. But, it's all irrelevant if they don't win on December 23."

Eddie Hearn