John Fury admitted: You can see that Tyson is not himself in the last three fights

Many have noticed Tyson Fury's decline in form, and now his father has admitted it

by Sededin Dedovic
John Fury admitted: You can see that Tyson is not himself in the last three fights
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Tyson Fury has been one of the most dominant heavyweights of the past decade. However, his recent performances have raised concerns about whether he is still the same fighter he once was. In his last three fights, Fury has looked uncharacteristically sluggish and uninspired.

He was knocked down in his fight against Francis Ngannou, and he needed a late knockout to defeat Dillian Whyte. Fury's father, John Fury, believes that his son is not training as hard as he used to. He has also expressed concerns about Tyson's weight and conditioning.

"There is a visible decline in his last three matches. It's not a decline in skills, but a decline in strength, power and physical fitness. I don't know what they do in training camp, but they have to deal with it. He (Fury) didn't look like himself in Saudi Arabia (against Ngannou).'

', John told before continuing his review.

John Fury: Tyson is like a mammoth

"He didn't look good. Everything about him had changed, his attitude, his body. I was confused. He told me he was training, but there is a difference between training and real training.

If he trains at a pace that suits him and no one tells him anything, he will not be motivated to do better. No one can teach Tyson how to box, and no one can teach him more than what he already knows. The only thing I can do is add muscle mass and strengthen his body.

In my opinion, he looked 'fat-thin' He should have been better, slightly heavier with more muscles. Tyson is like a mammoth. He has to strengthen his body, and he can only do that with proper preparation, but we don't have time for that,'' explained John.

Fury's father is often controversial and sometimes difficult to take seriously, but the fact is that he is an honest man, without a "hair on his tongue". In this case, he is probably somewhat right, but Tyson is three months away from the match against Usyk and he can certainly get himself in adequate shape for that match. His upcoming fight against Oleksandr Usyk will be a major test of his skills and fitness.

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