John Fury acknowledges Tyson Fury's decline and highlights areas for improvement


John Fury acknowledges Tyson Fury's decline and highlights areas for improvement
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In a few months, John Fury will have perhaps the biggest challenge in his career. On February 17, Fury and Usyk will face each other. It is difficult to predict who will emerge as the winner, but many believe that the Ukrainian has a better chance.

The reason why many think so is the fact that Fury has not shown what we are used to from him in the last matches, even though he has won. His father, John Fury, is also concerned. John believes that his son must put in more effort and change some things if he wants to win.

"The 17th February is the date they have got to work towards. But in my opinion, Tyson needs a bit more time to get his conditioning right and his weight right," John Fury told, as quoted by! "For my money, his last three fights, I have seen a bit of decline.

Not a decline in ability but a decline in strength, power and physical condition. I don’t know what they are doing up there, you have to address it. He didn’t look himself out in Saudi."

John Fury on his son, Tyson

John Fury expects his son to put on more muscle.

He believes that he has to power up his body in order to match his opponent. Usyk has shown many times so far how dangerous he is for his opponents. "He didn’t look right, everything had changed about him, his demeanor, his body.

I was puzzled. He said he had been training but there is training and there is training. If you’re going at your own pace no one is going to tell you otherwise, no one is going to offend you or kick you up the backside.

No one can teach Tyson how to box, or teach him more than he knows. All they can do is put some muscle on there and make his body rock solid. For my money he looked fat-thin, he should have been better, a bit heavier with a lot more muscle.

Tyson is a mammoth fella. He needs to power up in the body department and the only way you do that is a proper course and they take time and we don’t have the time."

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