Wilder claims he and Parker deserve the main event: This is not Joshua's show

Wilder believes that this is a kind of injustice, that is, a bad move by the organizers

by Sededin Dedovic
Wilder claims he and Parker deserve the main event: This is not Joshua's show
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Boxing superstar Deontay Wilder has expressed his displeasure with the organizers of a major boxing event scheduled for December 23 in Saudi Arabia for not giving him and fellow former world champion Joseph Parker the main event slot.

Wilder, known for his devastating knockout power, believes that his and Parker's combined star power and potential for an explosive clash make them the ideal candidates to headline the event. He even proposed a coin toss to determine the main event, but his pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

"We have the ability for spectacular knockouts, and we are also former world champions. Why wouldn't two former world champions lead the event?" Wilder questioned in an interview with ESNews. "At the end of the day, when people come to fights, they come to see knockouts.

They want excitement. Women lie, men lie, but my numbers don't. I have a better chance of knocking out my opponents than Anthony Joshua and I have a better chance of producing an exciting match. People want to go home after a dramatic knockout in the main fight of the evening.'

', are the arguments of Deontay Wilder in a conversation with ESNews

Wilder was the WBC champion for a long time

He held the WBC heavyweight title for five years, during which time he defended it against notable opponents like Tyson Fury and Luis Ortiz.

Wilder's reign ended in 2020 with a dramatic loss to Fury. Instead, the event will be headlined by Anthony Joshua and Otto Wallin, a decision that Wilder finds puzzling. "This is not Joshua's 'show,' nor is it my 'show.' This is the 'show' of all of us who will perform at the event," he asserted.

Wilder maintains that a fight between him and Parker would be far more exciting and draw more attention than the Joshua-Wallin matchup. While Wilder's arguments are valid, it seems unlikely that the organizers will change their minds at this late stage.