Jake Paul arranged a match with a professional boxer: The goal is a world title


Jake Paul arranged a match with a professional boxer: The goal is a world title
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Jake Paul surprised quite a bit by choosing his next opponent. The leading YouTuber among boxers recently revealed that he will be boxing against Andre Augusto (10-1-1) on December 15th (12th month). The name Andrea Augusto is not overly familiar to the boxing public and is actually the least known name that Paul will share the ring with.

Jake got us used to matches against famous MMA fighters, and at the beginning of his career he boxed against YouTuber AnEson Gib, and also against former NBA basketball player, Nate Robinson. Tommy Fury is the only boxer with whom Paul has boxed in his professional career so far, but Tommy Fury is much more famous for his participation in the reality show "Love Island" than for his boxing achievements.

Andre August is a professional, it will be very interesting

Jake believes that a potential victory against August will open some new doors for him in the world of boxing. It's no secret that Paul believes he can reach the world title, and he sees August as one of the first steps on that path.

"This is my way to the world title. When I said that, people thought I was joking and saying such things purely to promote myself better and attract attention. No one thought I was serious. But I am dead serious. That's what I'm going to achieve, and this is a step towards that.'

', Paul began the conversation with MMA Junkie, and then continued: "We did big PPV events. We generated $200 million in 'PPV' sales. This is a step backwards from the business side. I'm moving away from MMA fighters and big names to raise the level of my game." As for a world title shot, Paul is currently very far from that position.

However, the 26-year-old American boxer believes that he will quickly reach the top. "I think I can get there quickly, primarily because of my focus, dedication and athleticism. It turns out I'm more athletic than 99.9 percent of boxers when it comes to running, jumping, lifting weights, squatting, and punching power. Only I don't have tens of years of experience.

Jake Paul