Fury's promoter Frank Warren: Fury vs Ngannou rematch will definitely happen

Ngannou gave an excellent performance against perhaps the best boxer of the last decade

by Sededin Dedovic
Fury's promoter Frank Warren: Fury vs Ngannou rematch will definitely happen
© Justin Setterfield / Getty Images

Tyson Fury and his team are reportedly keen on a rematch with Francis Ngannou following their close encounter in Saudi Arabia last month. Despite narrowly securing a victory, Fury and his camp have expressed surprise at Ngannou's resilience and fighting ability.

Prior to the match, predictions favored Fury's boxing prowess against Ngannou's MMA expertise. However, Ngannou impressed with his boxing skills, lasting the full ten rounds and posing a significant threat to Fury's title.

A Fury vs Ngannou rematch will definitely happen

Frank Warren, Fury's promoter, recently appeared on "The MMA Hour" with Ariel Helwani, reiterating the team's desire for a rematch. Warren emphasized the need to first focus on Fury's upcoming bout against Oleksandr Usyk but confirmed that a rematch with Ngannou is in the cards.

"I don't know if that will be next for Fury, I don't want to jump that far into the future. Let's get the big fish (Usyk) out of the way in the next match first, and then we'll see. But that rematch will definitely happen," Warren stated.

"Tyson told me he wants a rematch, Ngannou wants it too, we talked long after the fight itself. He's a very good guy, he's got a good team around him, I'm sure we'll do it again," he added.

Fury's promoter praised Ngannou for handling the boxing match well

Warren also commended Ngannou's performance, acknowledging his toughness and ability to adapt to the boxing ruleset.

He noted that Fury had to adjust his usual fighting style to counter Ngannou's unexpected boxing prowess. "There was no video of Ngannou in the ring. There were those from the UFC from the MMA matches, but even there you could see that he is a very tough guy.

Tyson didn't do what he did in the past matches, he didn't move and throw directly, but stood and exchanged with him," Warren explained. Regardless of Fury's future decisions, Ngannou's performance in Saudi Arabia cannot be diminished. He successfully boxed ten rounds with a champion.