The touching story of Jeff Fenech, who survived death

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The touching story of Jeff Fenech, who survived death

Jeff Fenech, a retired Australian professional boxer spoke about him being close to death and how bad that experience was. "From October last year, I was in the hospital and nearly died,” said Fenech. “I got home (Sydney Australia) and then visited Mike Tyson in America and came back home and COVID started so we were locked in training at home and last week I fell down the stairs and nearly killed myself again."

-as quoted by fightnews “I think everything happens for a reason. It hasn’t been the best six months for me but it hasn’t been the best six months for the world but like I said if we all stick together and do the right thing we will get through this.

Boxing will start soon. Boxing in Australia at the moment is strong when you look at the Moloney boys, Liam Paro, Liam Wilson, and Brock Jarvis also Jai Opetai. There are so many great fighters. Tim Tszyu and Jeff Horn. We are just on the edge of having a couple of world champions.

So as soon as COVID is done I am really looking forward to boxing to start again. I’m sure we will have a few world champions." -Fenech said, as quoted by fightnews.

Fenech talked about Michael Tyson and what he thinks of him as an athlete.

“What Mike Tyson is doing is real.

He wants to raise money. He is going to do an exhibition bout. An exhibition is an exhibition. These aren’t two guys going out to kill each other. I want to see what Mike Tyson has got at 53 years of age. Just to watch him train.

Look at the millions of people who watched him train." " I don’t want to see Mike Tyson get hurt again in my life"

"If he goes out and boxes a great exhibition and doesn’t try to get hurt or hurt his opponent.

That’s all we want. We don’t want these guys to go out and get beat up and get hurt. We have watched them through there careers go up and down. A roller coaster. Win a fight – lose a fight. I don’t want to see Mike Tyson get hurt again in my life.

Or Evander Holyfield or anybody else." "What I like to see them is back in the ring showing their skills at this age because it inspires other people in there 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. I think what Mike is doing at the moment is amazing." -he added