Andre Ward was surprised by the Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury fight


Andre Ward was surprised by the Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury fight
Andre Ward was surprised by the Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury fight © Justin Setterfield / Getty Images Sport

Francis Ngannou impressed many with his fighting style and the qualities he showed. It was expected that Tyson Fury would finish things quickly, but it must be admitted that at one point Fury was close to defeat. However, in the end, he managed to win thanks to judges scoring.

Andre Ward, a former boxing star, had nothing but praise for Ngannou. Ward believes that many have underestimated this former UFC fighter. “Styles make fights, and we have to see, but after what he did with Fury, I’m not going to write him off anymore.

It’s a wait and see proposition for me at this point”. - Ward said on The MMA Hour, as quoted by! Ward admitted that he did not watch the match. He expected that Tyson would have an easy task, and quickly come to victory.

His predictions were that it could happen in the 6th or 7th round. “I didn’t see that at all. I’m typically right on, or somewhere in the ballpark, and I was at a gym and I didn’t give him a shot in the first two or three rounds.

I’m looking at everybody, and I’m like, ‘Fury is gonna carry him. He’s going to give the people in Saudi their money’s worth and then he’s going to step it up and finish him midway through the fight, [round] six, seven, somewhere around there."

Andre Ward on Ngannou vs Fury

Ward was surprised by the fact that Fury was unable to achieve victory.

This awakened his interest in fighting. He believes that this is a great chance for Ngannou to make a lot of money, considering that the UFC could not offer him such money. Francis confirmed that the future will also be focused on his fights in boxing.

He is aware that he can make a lot of money. “I get on the Stairmaster, I’m doing my 20-30 minutes, but I’m looking over and I’m like, I don’t see anybody reacting. The fight is not over. So I yell over, I’m like, ‘The fight is still going?’ And the look on their face — they look, they say, ‘Oh yeah, it’s going and Fury may be losing.’ I’m like, ‘No.’ I get off the Stairmaster, right after that he gets dropped.

I just couldn’t believe it, and it was a legitimate knockdown. I don’t know what to make of it. I got to give him his credit. He deserves every bit of what he is getting. I know he’s going to have another big fight or two.

He said he made more money in that fight than he did in his whole UFC career. That’s what it’s about, especially as you start getting older. I don’t have the words. I don’t know how that happened”.

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